Faces and Places from Everyday Life: Portraits by Travon Gourdine

Based in North Carolina, when he's not shooting music videos and running the daily affairs of noART Films, Lomographer and director Travon Gourdine a.k.a. boshnovart would visit downtown to photograph the interesting and fashionable folks that liven up urban life. Both of his indoor and outdoor portraits bring out the natural and vibrant charms of men, women, old and young alike. Get to know more about Travon and his artistic routine through this interview.

Hi Travon, how things are for you as a photographer?

Going well actually, business is picking back up due to everyone attempting to get back to “normal”, but overall I’m thankful, especially for a write-up like this.

How did you get into film photography?

I started experimenting with film photography within my first year of actually doing digital photography, always liked the different details it brings out in a photo, but photographers like Gordon Parks and Chi Modu & Jamel Shabazz definitely had huge voices in the film community.

May you share with us what film does for you that digital photography doesn't?

Well, I think I can speak for everyone when they film photography makes you more patient, while with digital you can shoot like 300 photos in 3 minutes, I develop my own film so I definitely feel more personal with my photos after I shoot, develop, then scan them, feels like building a house lowkey lol.

Let's get on to your portraits. We really love the vibrancy of the portraits while shot in casual and ordinary settings -- may you walk us through your portraiture style?

I appreciate that so much, I really just let it all speak to me, I try not to force anything, divine timing if anything, the setting just so happens to work in my favor with whatever subject I’m working with, everything around me is an inspiration.

The models you have are also very expressive -- both with posture and facial expression. How do you usually get started in working with your models?

Always make sure any model/human being you work with, make them feel comfortable in front of the lens, have fun! That’s my main aim, I love for people to have a great experience while shooting with me.

What inspires you?

Everything I keep around me, my friends, my work, life itself.

What's next for Travon?

Photography books hopefully, more projects, just getting more in-depth with myself and my path. I truly appreciate this.

Check out Travon's Instagram, YouTube and LomoHome for more of his works!

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