Color and Composition According to @yunita_the_cat — a Photo Gallery

Community member @yunita_the_cat is sort of a citizen of the world. They have been shooting in and around London, York, Shanghai, and Hangzhou with a 35 mm camera trying to capture beautiful scenes with eye-popping colors and thoughtful composition. Her shooting style is like a cross between documentary and architecture photography with a little bit of artistic flair. Truly a unique combination of style and skill.

Credits: yunita_the_cat

It's really amazing how our community is home to such talented photographers. Discovering them through our photo section has been one of our great joys as we deal with this global health crisis. Seeing photographers share their work even during times like these is inspiring. Yunita is a great addition to our already growing pool of talented photographers with her colorful shots and notable composition skills. We're sure that we'll see more beautiful work from her in the future.

Credits: yunita_the_cat

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written by cheeo on 2021-09-02 #places #color #photo-gallery #composition #yunita_the_cat

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