Zekiphone’s Rosy Mirages with the Lomography Redscale and Neptune Convertible Art Lens System


Lomographer @zekiphone is known for his Kafka-esque compositions of the urban environment, often giving a breath of fantasy and magic into the contemporary world. Now they return with another surreal series using the Lomography Redscale and Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

Credits: zekiphone

Zekiphone often uses their Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, especially when covering the streets and the city. Known for its flexibility and compact use, the Neptune Art Lens System makes experimentation easier. He also attached Kenko Mirage Lens Filter to create illusory exposures. The cuts between each 'illusion' are sharp and fitting to the more modern environment, compared to the wavier motion we would experience with mirages on deserts. With the Lomography Redscale film providing the base palette, these photographs allude to the heat and mirage experience when traveling the barren desert.

Credits: zekiphone

written by cielsan on 2021-12-06 #people #street-photography #urban-photography #zekiphone

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 35mm

The Lomography Redscale XR 50-200’s extended range allows flexibility and unlimited possibilities.

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