Tongxin Creates a Psychedelic World from Prism and Laser Stickers with the Lomo LC-A+

Film photographer Tongxin, one of our analogue friends in Hong Kong, resumed his experimental techniques in film photography. He discovered a peculiar yet simple way of creating neon surrealism through plastic prisms and laser stickers attached to the lens of his Lomo LC-A+, creating a pink, purple, teal, and turquoise-infused world.

Lomo LC-A+

Hi Tongxin! Please say hello to the readers of our Online Magazine!

Hello everyone, I am Tongxin. I am glad to have the opportunity to talk to you about my photography.
When did you first get in touch with film and Lomography?

I have been in contact with film photography for several years. In recent years, I have tried more and more Lomography cameras. They gave me a lot of inspiration.

Portrait of Tongxin; Lomo LC-A+ with laser sticker

How did you come up with this idea in the first place?

In the beginning, I bought some laser stickers to decorate my camera. When I put it on the camera, I had a whim. The desk lamp projected colorful colors on the desktop through the laser sticker. The idea emerged.

Just cut the laser sticker into a square according to the size of the filter, and then divide it diagonally into four small triangles. Use tweezers to remove it and carefully stick it on all four sides of the prism.

Tongxin shot with Lomo LC-A+

Is there a big difference between the final effect and the expected effect?

The final effect is actually quite far from what I expected. The color and glare effects did not get as much as imagined. However, no matter what the final effect is, this kind of film experiment is very interesting.

Tongxin shot with Lomo LC-A+

Follow Tongxin on his Weibo to check all his works.

written by 2k on 2021-11-14

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