Singapore Scenes in LomoChrome—Photos by @takingbackvenz


Venz Erick Losbanes (aka @takingbackvenz) was browsing through an online marketplace when he found himself on a hunt for film cameras. Upon finding a cheap waterproof camera, he loaded it with a roll of Lomography Redscale film and started snapping photos. However, it did not turn out well. ”My first roll was blank because I didn’t expose it properly. I shot the film without reading up on it—like how to expose it or adjust the ISO settings." The experience did not discourage him; in fact, this inspired him to learn more about film photography. Eventually, he bought a Holga before moving up to SLR cameras.

Credits: takingbackvenz

Venz is a Creative Designer based in Singapore, where he finds building rooftops, abandoned places, and parks as some of his favorite shooting locations. "It really depends on the theme or concept that my model and I had decided on. I prefer rooftops because for me it gives a certain aesthetic to a photo shoot, and also abandoned places because it goes with most of the themes that I've shot." He enjoys shooting portraits of people at their most natural state, preferring that their personalities shine through.

He usually plans his photo shoots, but like most of us, his routine starts at absent-mindedly looking at his film stash, spending a few moments mulling about which stock he'll have to use. "And maybe when I'm on my way to the shoot, I'll just listen to music and scroll through Instagram. Occasionally, I open up my Pinterest boards and Instagram saved posts just to look for shoot inspiration."

Credits: takingbackvenz

Having used the LomoChrome Metropolis and LomoChrome Purple, we had to know about his thoughts on these films.

"Being a film photographer, I always wanted to try something new and these films are great. It makes my photos look different which I love. I like shooting LomoChrome Purple in nature parks, with lots of greens. For the LomoChrome Metropolis, I like shooting it on cityscapes because it gives me that cold temperature vibes. If I want my photos to be vibrant with purples all over, I'll go with LomoChrome Purple."
Credits: takingbackvenz

Lastly, we asked, cliché as it may seem: What does photography mean to you?

"Photography for me is meditation. It gives me a sense of relaxation, right at the moment."

To see more of Venz's photos, check out his LomoHome!

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