Look: LomoAmigo Natalia Golebiewska Shoots with the LomoChrome Metropolis

Beautiful and strong—these are two words that can describe the work of young photographer Natalia Golebiewska. Her interview with us earlier this year gave us a better view of what she and her work stand for.

© Natalia Golebiewska

This time, she's back as a LomoAmigo and with a set of photos taken with the LomoChrome Metropolis. She still channels that strong and beautiful vibe—naturally, if you ask us—and she's drawing out the film's strong characters in these shots. We're loving the color and mood of these portraits.

© Natalia Golebiewska

The soft tones and de-saturated colors make the photos pop just enough, giving Natalia enough space to focus on her subject. The styling, set design, and wardrobe choice is a harmonious meld that is easy to the eyes. Natalia made the film work for her—giving us a visual treat and another reason to keep an eye out for her next projects.

Model: Nikola Selezinko
Makeup artist: Inga Skrzyszowska
Stylist: Aleksandra Dąbrowska

We would like to thank Natalia for sharing her work with us. Follow her on Instagram to learn more about her.

written by cheeo on 2021-12-08 #people #lomoamigo #natalia-golebiewska

LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

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