Beautiful Subtleties — a Photo Gallery by @encre_amer


Every photographer has a certain style when it comes to taking photographs. For Paris-based photographer Mathieu aka @encre_amer, it has to be the frames that try to capture the strangeness and poetry of daily life.

Credits: encre_amer

That last bit was taken directly from his LomoHome and it was beautifully written. We couldn't have said it any better even if we tried. Mathieu has a way of capturing ordinary scenes in a charming and subtle way. The colors, mood, angle, and shadows all have a significant part to play and he can direct them in a way that the elements complement one another.

Credits: encre_amer

Adding to the beauty of his work is his use of instant cameras like the Lomo'Instant Automat, Lomo'Instant Wide, and different Polaroid cameras. Subtlety is an art form and Mathieu continues to hone this art style to an impressive level with every album he puts out.

We would like to thank @encre_amer for sharing his images with us. Follow him on his LomoHome to see more.

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