Luisa Gutiérrez's Instant Still Life and Portraits with the LomoGraflok Instant Back

Talented Spanish photographer Luisa Gutiérrez is experienced with a range of film formats, from 35 mm to medium to large! We equipped her with our latest LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back to see how she explores large format in instant form. The result? A stunning series of still life, portraits and self-portraits highlighting its shallow depth of field and vivid details. Check out her interview below.

© Luisa Gutiérrez

Hi Luisa, welcome! Could you introduce yourself to the readers of our Online Magazine?

Hi! I’m Luisa Gutiérrez from València, Spain. Although I studied photography, I work mainly as an osteopath because I studied physiotherapy too. Currently, I combine both.

Tell us about your photographic background. What is your story? When did you start taking photos?

I always remember myself with a compact camera in hand, taking pictures of my friends, during my travels, etc. But it was in my 20's when I started to get interested in photography from an artistic perspective. While I was finishing my Osteopath degree, I began my Artistic Photography Studies. Then, I moved to Budapest for a year to accomplish my degree’s final project.

© Luisa Gutiérrez

How long have you been shooting in large format? What do you like most about shooting with large format cameras?

It's about 6 years that I have had my Graflex. I really like the entirety of the large-format shooting process: it takes time and I enjoy it.

Which cameras have you used the LomoGraflok Instant Back on?

I have used it with my Graflex Crown Graphic. I think that is a great couple when used together.

© Luisa Gutiérrez

Have you ever taken instant photos with a large-format camera before?

Yes, I really loved peel-apart film in instant photography. It was very sad for me, and for a lot of large-format photographers when the production of this kind of film ended.

Tell us about your experience with the LomoGraflok Instant Back. How did you like it?

When I read the news about the brand new Lomography instant back for Graflok system cameras I was very surprised. I think that is a real gift for the analogue lovers, especially for large-format photographers. The system is easy to set up, and the back works in a very intuitive way. The Instax films have very nice colors and have very reliable performances.

© Luisa Gutiérrez

Do you think it could become a valuable addition to your equipment?

Of course! I think this piece of gear would be a great companion for my large-format camera.

Your work is mainly focused on portraiture: why this choice?

I feel comfortable portraying people, and the bond that arises between the subject and photographer is something very interesting to me. I really enjoy taking photos of the body as well, especially the whole body in movement, for example, dancing. I think being an osteopath makes me a bit obsessed with it!

© Luisa Gutiérrez

You use different formats: 35 mm, 120, Large Format, Instant...How do you choose which format will you use for a certain project and/or subject?

It depends on the project, I prefer 120 or large format for portraits or still life, but if I don't have to be concerned about the light conditions, or if an agile performance is needed, then I choose 35 mm. And when traveling I always have a compact 35 mm camera on hand.

In an undeniably digital age, why do choose to shoot film?

Nowadays everything goes rapidly, and sometimes we forget to enjoy the process. I think that digital photography is too fast for me. On the other hand, analogue photography goes
slower, and this is very helpful to me as it allows me to be more patient and focused.

Do you have any interesting projects or collaborations in the pipeline?

I’m working on a small project with very nice people currently. And I would like to finish the publication of a project in a book format.

© Luisa Gutiérrez

Check all Luisa Gutiérrez projects on her Instagram.

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