Sparklers and Bokeh: A Festive Combination


This holiday season may not be the same as before—some people may party like usual, while others may opt to celebrate minimally. Either way, you'd want to remember the special moments through photographs! If you own any of our Lomography Petzval Art Lenses or a Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens, then you're already a step ahead in capturing festive photographs. The dreamy bokeh these lenses produce will add a dramatic flair to an otherwise mundane snapshot.

Credits: seymaeminetamer

Now, how do you make the photos even more festive? The answer: sparklers. Fairy lights are popular choices too, but a handy light source that you can swish around make for even more unique results. The sparks fly off in unpredictable directions and you can create various patterns since they are not static.

Credits: davidetrevisan

It's an effortless tip that will produce magical effects, especially with the swirly bokeh brought about by the Petzval or Daguerreotype Art Lenses. If you wish to use sparklers, PLEASE be mindful and responsible. Keep them away from your face and flammable objects. Proceed with caution and create the merriest holiday photos this season!

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written by shhquiet on 2021-12-29 #lomography-art-lenses #petzval-58 #daguerreotype-achromat

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