When Love is Your Muse: Ideas for Romantic Portraits


For most people, nothing else comes closer to creating intense passion and inspiration than the Great Love of Their Lives — the personal muse that summons so many feelings and encourages great art. Bare your true feelings for this season of love with the analogue medium. Here are some tips to create the romantic portrait your significant other deserves, as we sample from some of the most “lovable” portrait shots by Lomographers.

Credits: brettallensmith

The Muse: Au Naturel

No one knows your beau as better as you do. The great love of your life is perfect, in and out! Try capturing their wholesome beauty up close, and under natural light. Hold back on the edits and let their perfections and flaws shine. Open and sunny skies will be your perfect set-up for this kind of shoot.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij, princesspeach, annika_schwermut & airfresh

In Color-Filtered Glasses

They say that when in love, everything is rose-colored, usually in Redscale. We beg to differ. Love comes in all colors, depending on the chemistry between you and your partner. Maybe your perception towards your significant other is a little more electric, like green and yellow. Or perhaps to you, their beauty is otherworldly and surreal — you think purple and pink suit them better. Try a roll of the LomoChrome Purple or cross-processing a Color Negative film for unique results!

Credits: ddography, brettallensmith, afoxcalledandrew, raulph & andrejrusskovskij

Moments of Tenderness

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. What makes a person so lovable? We believe it’s in the candid moments where we can see them truly shine and emit their glow and aura, especially when they’re dealing with something they are passionate about at the moment.

Credits: barbora-von-kraml, satanic-christmas-eve, brettallensmith, amanachan & giyoulia

Drunk in Love with Bokeh and Soft Focus

Nothing else comes close to looking romantic with Pictoralist aesthetics. Soft focus, shallow depth of field, spherical aberrations... when drunk in love, there's no other fact as sharp and clear other than the apple of your eye. If you're taking a portrait of your significant other through soft-focused glasses, the Daguerreotype Achromat and Petzval Art Lens are the way to go for you. The Daguerreotype Achromat will give you more creative freedom with its custom plates to reshape and manipulate your bokeh.

Credits: brettallensmith, hallo_physio & mobyberti

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written by cielsan on 2022-02-14

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