Boonthida's Retro Portraits Taken with the LomoChrome Metropolis

Welcoming the beginning of the new year with LomoChrome Metropolis is a photo collection from a young film photographer oozing with charisma and talent. Buckle up and get ready to be transported back in time with artist Boonthida with this exclusive interview!

Hi Boonthida! Please introduce yourself to our Lomography community. When did you start taking photos and become active with your Facebook fan page?

Hello, my name is Boonthida Janprung. My nickname is Kwang. When I encountered photography for the first time, I used the digital camera a lot until I tried to shoot film, and I like it very much. Then I created my Facebook page to post my film photographs.

I started taking film photography about four years ago. I created my Facebook fan page about three years ago after I felt that I have many film photographs to share on my page.

Models: @2guysreflect & @nattnatsume

Most of your works are portraits, What makes you like this style of photography?

Yes, I love to take portrait photos. I feel like I love taking pictures of people, love when we talk with each other (my subjects) and I'm quite good at portrait photography. So, every time I take portrait photos, It's very fun.

You mentioned you love to talk to people — does this mean you also love to take photos of groups or couples?

I recently noticed that I take quite a lot of photos of couples. The reason is I like the couple's “moment”. When shooting, I feel good every time. Some couples are really shy because they take photos together rarely. I want to be someone who keeps good moments for every couple.

Models: @2guysreflect & @nattnatsume

Please share to use your thoughts about the LomoChrome Metropolis after having used it.

I immediately liked the LomoChrome Metropolis film it very much, upon the first time I used it. The tone is very vintage and the color doesn't look like any film that I've tried before. It's beautiful to use it under sunlight or taken backlit, which will get you another feeling. I like it very much.

Does this photos collection have a specific theme or idea?

I noticed the color tone would be appropriate for taking vintage-like photos. So I prepared a vintage clothes collection for my models and chose a location with more nature. I really like the result of the photos because when combined together, the tone of the film, the location, the mood of the models are exactly what I thought.

Models: @2guysreflect & @nattnatsume

Do you have any techniques that you would like to recommend for this film?

When shooting, I feel that the color tones can be quite bright. If the light is taken properly, it should have a good mood.

Finally, Do you have any projects coming up? And how we can follow your works?

I would like to continue sharing my other works via my Facebook fanpage Boonthida, Instagram and LomoHome. Please do try Lomography films, everyone!

The LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 is available via our online shop.

written by aomschll on 2022-02-03

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