The World in Black-And-White — a Photo Gallery by @sputnik_unlimited

No matter what year it is, black-and-white will never go out of style. It has that flair, drama, and effect that no other film can match and that is why it will always be one of our favorite films ever made.

Credits: sputnik_unlimited

Enter the world of community member @sputnik_unlimited. While he doesn't shoot exclusively on black-and-white, it's easy to see that monochrome has a special place in his analogue heart, too. We are just in love with the way he uses the different elements of monochrome shots to create visually striking and artistic shots. The seemingly mundane looks completely different when viewed with his eyes. We are especially digging his composition and subject choice—while they are nothing out of the ordinary, there are elements into play that make you want to inspect the frames more.

Credits: sputnik_unlimited

We would like to thank @sputnik_unlimited for sharing their photos with the community. Follow him to see more of their work.

written by cheeo on 2022-02-09 #people #places #gallery #monochrome #bnw #black-and-white

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