When Analogue Photography Brings You Closer to One Another

On Valentine's Day, we met up with three community couples who shared their stories of love and analogue photography with us.

Meet the Community Couples

Flypaper & Preiya: Flypaper is an airplane technician. Preiya is an ordinary office worker. They love to explore new things together and use analogue photos to record life.

Yang & Yoyo: They got to know each other through photography. They usually hang out with cameras and always look to capture the extraordinary.

Cao & Mystee of them are dancers! They share a strong Y2K style.

Flypaper & Xiao Yu, Yang & YoYo, Cao & Mystee

Photography as a sweetener of the relationship

「Flypaper & Preiya」: For us, cameras are instruments without sounds. They can take emotions out of reality. Taking photos is a catalyst to promote love between lovers. It actually carries the relationship, instead of just recording the memories.

「Yang & Yoyo」: Photography is special to us, especially analogue photography. It adds something fresh and mysterious to our life. Images shot on film bring us back to the good old days and remind us of the mood or feelings of that special moment. Every photo is a gift to us.

「Cao & Mystee」:We love to ride bikes in good weather and take photos of each other.

Which camera of Lomography is your favorite?

「Flypaper & Preiya」:No matter which cameras we bring with us on our trips, the LC-Wide and the Lomo'Instant Wide will always be among them. The LC-Wide is small but creative, it can achieve any of our crazy ideas. And the high quality of the Lomo'Instant Wide makes it hard for us to give this one up. It's rich in features and shooting modes.

photos taken with the L-C Wide

「Yang & Yoyo」: Definitely the Sprocket Rocket! It's simple to use and cost-effective, which makes it our favorite. The panoramic frame also allows us to record the entirety of all the beautiful landscapes while traveling.

photo shot by Sprocket Rocket

「Cao & Mystee」:The portability and rich features of the LC-A 120 makes us want to take this camera out more often than others. It renders all our memories with glowing colors, shadowy vignettes and fine contrasts.

photos taken with the LC-A 120

Thank you for sharing your fantastic stories and photos with us!

written by fergiegu on 2022-02-17 #people #valentine-s-day #analogue-couples

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