Taking Interesting Portraits with the LomoGraflok and Thai Photographer Prin (35mmindeed)


Many people may be familiar with Prin’s 35 mm film photography and know him as the man behind 35mmindeed. But today is a particularly special day, we’ve brought you all along to see the instant photos that Prin shot using our LomoGraflok and his large format cameras! He can create photos with Instax wide film that are just as charming as on 35 mm film. : )

Hello Prin! Please introduce yourself to our readers

Hello, my name is Prin Thumsathan, I am 24 years old. I am still studying and working as an independent photographer/director.

From your alias 35mmindeed, many people think that you only shoot film with a 35 mm camera. When did you actually start to focus on large format cameras?

Actually, I’ve had this name since I started shooting film. That day, I hadn’t started taking portraits yet, I had only uploaded photos that I took every morning at university and of landscape/architecture when traveling. It’s been about 5 years now, but I like medium format the most and my Pentax 67 camera is like a part of my body.

© 35mmindeed | Model: preawkemika

Most of your works are portraits, what makes you like this style?

I really like all kinds of photography. However, I feel like I’m better at portrait photography than other styles and I’m very happy when I take portrait photos. When I photograph models, I don’t just look at their appearances but I also think about the message too. In each work I plan as much as possible, thinking about how the style matches the concept and location for the perfect composition. I love the feeling when I see the photos come out as I imagined and the model is very happy with my photos. In addition, I get to know a lot of people. I have learned and received good things along the way.

© 35mmindeed | Model: preawkemika

How do you convey your model’s character and identity?

A lot of people ask me about this, hahaha. I want to say that there is no answer at all. I have a different way to talk to each model. So, the way I pass on my feelings to the models is the key. When you reach the right moment, you will feel it. The important thing is pre-production. I think if you do it well and carefully, then everything will be easy.

© 35mmindeed | Model: nakamuramari_

After testing our LomoGraflok, what are your first thoughts?

I like it very much, the Lomograflok seems like a new format for film cameras. Actually, it’s been a while since I used a large format camera, but I use large format cameras more often now because they’re easy to use with this back (although it might be difficult for people who have never tried a large format camera before).

Do you have any tips or tricks for anyone who is interested in large format photography and the LomoGraflok?

To be honest, when I first got it I thought it might be a bit exhausting to use. Even so, I tried it many times and it is getting easier to use. Therefore, you have to be patient. If you practice often, you will be able to use it more fluently.

© 35mmindeed | Models: kitty.mook , imakitty.t

Quick question, what gear do you carry in your camera bag?

Normally...No, it’s not normal for people to carry heavy things to take a photo. I like to accidentally carry the camera cabinet to take photos. Lately, I’ll be carrying a 35 mm film camera, a medium format camera and a digital camera for candid photography (you don’t have to think too much like with film). If you’re carrying a large format camera, don’t forget the shutter release. Finally, the most important thing is a notebook. When you take notes by hand, it will encourage your imagination.

© 35mmindeed | Model: kanokpicha

What is your most impressive photographic project from the last year?

In fact, I didn’t have any projects last year. Mostly, I applied my photographic skills to try new things. I tried directing more than 10 movies as Director of Photography and I also started 35mmindeed Home Studio.

Do you have any projects this year?

Yes, of course. Both photos and videos. I want to try many things and take what I love further, creating art with photographs.

Thank you, Prin, for the interview. You can follow his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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