Danielle Wrobleski on Finding New Perspectives of Wisconsin


Themes of buildings and nature landscape play a huge role in the work of Milwaukee-based film photographer Danielle Wrobleski, a.k.a @girlwithtoomanycameras. A committed learner and explorer, Danielle aims to discover new lights and perspectives around her hometown through the range of creativity that film offers. Her beautifully lit and composed work immediately caught our attention, so we had to learn more. She shares with us how Lomography Color Negative ISO 100 and LomoChrome Purple have supported her goals, as well as more about her creative journey.

Photos by Danielle Wrobleski

Hello Danielle, welcome to the Lomography Magazine! May you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thank you! I’m a film photographer based in Milwaukee. I shoot a variety of cameras and photographic processes that span over 150 years. I love to explore the world around me through the lens of my camera and capture the unique beauty of the neighborhoods and landscapes in Southeast Wisconsin. I’m extremely passionate about the importance of women in film photography and I’ve made it a mission to fight for their fair representation as well.

When did you first press the shutter button? And what keeps you passionate about analogue photography?

As a 90’s child I technically grew up shooting film, but I didn’t take up film photography as a serious artistic medium until about 4-5 years ago when I tripped across a Canon AE-1 at the thrift store and decided to give it a go on a whim. There was just something so beautiful about that camera I knew I needed to have it. As for what keeps me passionate about it, I just love the whole process from start to finish. I love having a finite amount of frames I can shoot. It makes me focus on what I really want to capture. I love the uniqueness of each camera and film stock. I love waiting for my film to get developed and seeing the end results. It feels like magic every single time.

Photos by Danielle Wrobleski

You’re known as @girlwithtoomanycameras. Just how many cameras do you have and which one(s) are you loving right now?

With over 50 cameras in my collection it’s hard to nail down just one favorite! I usually have a handful of cameras at any given moment I’m really vibing with. Currently I’ve really been into my new Toyo 4x5 field camera, my Bronica ETRSi for 120, and my Pentax K1000 and Nikon N80 for 35mm.

What does Lomography mean to you?

Lomography to me is about exploration and experimentation. It’s about having fun expanding the horizons of film photography and learning to see your world in new and creative ways.

You shot these gorgeous landscapes with our Color Negative 100 and LomoChrome Purple. Where were these taken, and what do you make of the results?

These were taken throughout Southeast Wisconsin! The CN 100 images were shot in downtown Milwaukee with my Ricoh Diacord TLR and the LomoChrome Purple shots were taken with my Bronica ETRSi in downtown Milwaukee and a number of county and state parks in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. I’ve been so unbelievably happy with the results.

"Lomo CN 100 is such a reliable and dependable film stock for me. It’s by far my favorite standard C-41 film stock. I feel like whenever I shoot it, I know exactly what I’m going to get and it never lets me down. I shot my first LomoChrome Purple ever in the Spring of 2021 and I quickly fell in love. I love how magical the results are and how it makes me feel like I’ve been transported to an alternative reality from the world around me."
Photos by Danielle Wrobleski

What about houses and buildings intrigue you?

I love the shapes and designs. They feel like a time capsule to me, forever preserving the moment in time of when they were built. I love thinking about the history behind them. Who has passed through their doors and how many stories have taken place in their walls. I love how they change depending on the time of day, year, and weather when I see them. I can look at a building one day and then notice something completely different the next time I visit because the light and conditions will make something completely different pop out.

How do you like to challenge your creative process?

I think challenge is key for me to stay inspired and motivated! My father has always said I’m addicted to learning, so I like to challenge myself by exploring different formats and processes in film photography that are unknown to me. For example, over the last year I’ve taken the plunge into large format sheet film and dry plate ambrotypes. It’s been such a learning experience. It’s really challenged me and made me stop and really think about what I really want out of these mediums and what I hope to achieve with them. It keeps me on my toes and keeps my artistic life interesting by learning and finding new ways to create my images.

Photos by Danielle Wrobleski

Is there anything you hope to experiment with next? Anything we can expect?

I’m definitely still in the learning phase with 4x5 and I can’t wait to create more in that format! Also just today I’ve decided to take the plunge into expired film. I’ve never, ever shot expired film before, but I tripped across a lot of expired rolls for a great price and just couldn’t turn it down. I’m super excited to dip my toes into something unpredictable and foreign. I can’t wait to see what results I get!

Anything you want to add?

I just want to encourage people to focus on having fun with their art and making it the way they want. Trends come and go and different cameras and styles will always be rotating in popularity. Don’t worry about what other people chose to use and create, and what they might think about your work. Just focus on yourself, your vision, and cancel out the rest of the noise.

Thank you Danielle for talking with us. Find more of her work through her Instagram.

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