Around the World in Analogue: Miami, Florida


Miami in Florida is known for its hedonistic lifestyle, where luxurious beach hotels, indulgent shopping, and bustling nightlife thrive. Community member Carlos Llamas (@carlosllamas) shows us a different perspective, stripping the city of its vibrant colors, in favour of simple black & white snapshots.

Name: Carlos Llamas
LomoHome: @carlosllamas
Instagram: @llamas.carlos
Camera: Nikon FG20
Film: Kodak TMax 400
Location: Miami, Florida

Credits: @carlosllamas

When he first moved from New York City to Miami, Carlos initially thought that the latter was built for cars and had no street life. "But slowly, and out of need (as photography is my therapy), I started discovering clusters, corners, and spots of city life." A long exploration inspired him to start a project: Miami: A Film Archive of Street Photography.

Credits: @carlosllamas

Since Carlos is a street photographer, he constantly seeks variety in his subjects. He mentions the Miami Design District, Downtown, and Wynwood as among the urban backgrounds that he appreciates. "I like the diversity of the people around these areas, and of course, there's always fantastic natural light available."

Credits: @carlosllamas

Browsing online for photos of Miami, it's common to see vivid, opulent images, so it's refreshing to see the city through Carlos's lens. He chooses the photo above as his favorite. "With my work, I try to achieve the juxtaposition between urban and human elements. I call it an urban collage. (This photograph) represents this idea—I love it when it challenges the viewer to look twice or thrice, trying to understand the visual puzzle."

Credits: @carlosllamas

Should you visit Miami, Carlos gives you this tip:

"You will need a car for sure, so rent it in advance. Miami is getting really busy and expensive nowadays. Besides the beach life, try to explore the non-obvious touristic spots for food, culture, and nightlife. Most of them are located around the north side of the city (10 to 20 mins from the Design District and Wynwood)."
Credits: @carlosllamas

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