An Exploration of Alternative Printing Processes—By Fidan Nazim qızı


It's common to hear analogue photographers speak about the thrill of anticipation and unpredictability that comes with their craft. Analogue photography presents infinite possibilities for experimentation, such as film soup, cross-processing, and redscale. For Fidan Nazim qızı (@fidannazimqizi), a Photographer-Editor in Azerbaijan, Baku, alternative printing processes such as cyanotypes jumpstarted her magical journey with analogue photography.

Credits: fidannazimqizi

What inspired you to experiment with cyanotype?

I just wanted to print my photos with my own efforts. It was as if I had fallen into a magical world where photos were printed directly and suddenly appeared in the water. The fact that this method is related to nature encouraged me. I found this method by searching myself.

What do you love about this process?

It takes a lot of my time and printing by the power of nature. It is very interesting to prepare for this method. First I mix the solutions, and then I wait for the papers to dry in the dark for one day. Then the sun and water cause photos to appear.

Credits: fidannazimqizi

You seem to be quite fond of doing film experiments—based on your photos in your LomoHome, there are some handmade paper and collages, too. Can you tell us more about these?

Before using this method, I found old sheets from the '70s. I poured coffee and tea on those sheets, dried them and started printing. This is the beginning of my magical journey, I did not realize it then, but now everything is clear to me.

What other experiments do you plan to pursue in the future?

I would like to open a studio and print there using all alternative methods.

Credits: fidannazimqizi

What advice would you give someone who also wants to try alternative printing processes?

I think everyone who loves photos should use these methods. Because the main memories remain. Memories can take us far. Makes the moments we engrave in photos last forever. We must always learn, including myself.

Credits: fidannazimqizi

To see more of Fidan's experiments with cyanotypes and other alternative printing processes, please check out her LomoHome.

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    A very special talent and vision

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    I'm a huge admirer of your artistic vision. Well done, keep going :)

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    Awesome creative expositions!!! Keep up the good work!

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