A Beach Life with Kate Hook and the La Sardina DIY


For photographer, TikTok user and YouTuber Kate Hook, creative inspiration comes a mere stones-throw away on the beaches of her hometown of Brighton, UK. We originally sent Kate the challege of testing out the La Sardina DIY camera and she came back to us with a fully customized, oceanic-themed edition, which she took out on a trip with her friends to capture some wide-angled, seaside action.

Photos by Kate Hook

Hello Kate, how have you been since we last spoke?

I've been good since our last catch-up, everything seems to be moving in a more positive direction since the beginning of the 2020s - thank Godness!

You recently tested out and customized the La Sardina DIY. What was the inspiration behind the idea?

I joke in the YouTube video it's because I "live by the sea and have red hair" (but I'm more of a bigger mermaid than a little one), though I was genuinely inspired by living by the beach. Also, those over the top 3D phone cases you see on Pinterest. So, I thought it would be funny to basically do that but on a camera. Safe to say I created a masterpiece upon completion.

Photos by Kate Hook

How did you get on shooting with the camera (even with all those jewels in the way)? Were you pleased with the results?

Haha, the jewels weren't an issue. I avoided placing any on areas of the camera to avoid any fuss - or worse - precious jewel loss, and have been able to shoot with it just fine. I loved how the photos of my friends and Brighton beach came out too. It's got a really good wide-angle lens, which is perfect for getting the scene in when you're pointing and shooting your fun days away.

Photos by Kate Hook

What's coming up next for you?

Honestly, I'm just my doing thing and seeing what happens. I'm thinking about publishing and doing some limited prints too. I'm going to be speaking at The Photography Show in Birmingham this September. The main thing I want to do is to go travelling again, so that's definitely the aim for me.

Thanks for taking part Kate! To see more of Kate's work check out her Instagram page.

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