A Window into the Turquoise Experience with Trevor Lee


We're putting our new 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise formula to the test. Ohio-based photographer Trevor Lee returns to speak with us about what he captured and his impressions on the film.

Photos by Trevor Lee

Hi Trevor, it’s great to have you at Lomography again. Can you introduce yourself to readers who may not know you?

I’m a film photographer based in Ohio and I love capturing everyday life on film. I am also the Chief Photographer for The Darkroom which means I create and coordinate all the content you see on @TheDarkroomLab!

What were your first impressions of the LomoChrome Turquoise film?

I first shot LomoChrome Turquoise 5 years ago while in Yosemite and loved the vibrant blues - it transformed everyday life into something alien! This time around, LomoChrome Turquoise seemed to have less saturation in the blues which might be due to the overcast light I shot in but regardless, I really liked the look of the new version.

Photos by Trevor Lee

How did you go about planning your shoot with the roll?

With all LomoChrome, Purple and Metropolis, I like to photograph locations I have photographed many times before because it’s a fun way to change things up and see places I’m used to in a whole different way. So that’s what my plan was, I shot the first half in San Clemente California and the second half of the roll in Ohio.

That double exposure shot is everything! Can you briefly walk us through the process of creating it?

I really enjoy creating in-camera doubles and was so happy with that double of my wife Hannah in my parents attic which is a double I have been wanting to make for awhile. I first took the profile photo of her silhouetted by the window. For the second photo, I stepped back, making the window much smaller and framing it where her head would be. The dark part of the first image retained the second image; the highlights blew out the detail which resulted in one of my favorite doubles I have ever done! The fact that it was LomoChrome Turquoise only made it better because it added tones and color I wouldn't get with any other film.

What or where else would you like to capture with Turquoise?

There are many locations I’d like to photograph with Turquoise but the main spot is the lone tree from this roll which I shot on a very overcast day. So I’d like to photograph that tree with leaves and the now green fields on a sunny day and see the difference.

Photos by Trevor Lee

Did you pick up any shareable tips or tricks for future users of the film?

This whole roll was shot in overcast light and I feel that sunny weather would increase the turquoise saturation so I’d recommend shooting it on sunny days. I usually shoot all LomoChrome at 200 ISO which works well for me and while this film is color, I shoot it as if it’s B&W. That may sound weird but like B&W, LomoChrome film renders color different than how you see it so really think about the color in your scene. I like finding scenes with very little that will be affected by the Turquoise look but with a main focal point that will stand out from the rest, like the “No Vacancy” coastal photo.

Thank you Trevor for sharing with us. You can find more of his work on his Instagram, website, and The Darkroom Lab!

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