Simple Guide: Double Exposures For Beginners With La Sardina

Shooting double exposures is one of the most fun practices of analogue photography. It is even more fun with a camera that specifically offers this feature, making the process so much easier.

Today we would like to give a quick tip for shooting double exposures with La Sardina. With this camera you can simply switch your mode to MX , in front of your viewfinder. This button allows you to shoot one or more images on the same frame, making La Sardina the perfect camera to experiment with multiple exposures.

Photos taken with La Sardina in MX mode by Elisa Parrino


You don't have to worry about settings or manually rewinding your film. Remember to switch when you are shooting between the first frame and the second one. When you take double exposures, it is favorable to take both images during the same shoot to avoid the hassle of shooting a whole roll of film and then shooting it again one more time.

From time to time these kind of happy accidents happen to every photographer. However if you want to purposefully shoot a double exposure, the uncertainty is that you could forget in which direction or what you shot before.

Photos taken with La Sardina in MX mode by Elisa Parrino

The Trick

Without going into too many details about the technicalities of double exposures, there is one main rule above others that can turn out to be quite helpful. If you remember this trick this will help improve your MX game.

When we overlay two images, there will be a white portion and a darker portion of the frame. Dark and white space work like a mask in your picture. The white will subtract whatever is underneath that space, while black retains the image. Think about it like this: you can't put any more information on white, while you can still keep on adding onto black.

Photos taken with La Sardina in MX mode by Elisa Parrino

You can train your eyes by composing silhouettes. Pose your subject with a big amount of white in the background. It can be a cloudy sky or a window light. Don't worry if the sky will be overexposed; this is what we are looking for at this time. The more white that covers the next frame, the stronger the mask will be, cancelling all information coming after that.

A sunny day with La Sardina will allow you to have more contrast in your pictures. If you do decide to shoot with a camera that has manual settings, another helpful adjustment is to underexpose your frames to allow stronger contrast. We hope you will treasure this secret by spreading the news to other fellow photographers.

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