Yusuke Nakamura: Creating The Surreal From Everyday Scenes With LomoChrome Turquoise


"A scene doesn't always refer to a moment, but it's a sequence that exists within a story," says Yusuke Nakamura. The Japanese photographer used the new LomoChrome Turquoise 35mm ISO 100–400 to shift "ordinary places" into something altogether unreal. The following series of photos tells us the story of his journey embarking into another universe.

© Yusuke Nakamura

Welcome to Lomography Magazine! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Yusuke Nakamura, currently based in Kagawa, Japan. I discovered Lomography a few years ago, and I've been a fan ever since then.

Tell us about the origin your Instagram name, 金曜日のミニシアター Friday Mini Theater

I'm a big fan of watching movies at a theater, and I especially like watching movies at a "mini theater" on Friday night. This unique sensation I got after watching the film is something I hope to refelect in my photos. Also, I belive that being flexible with trends, social backgrounds, and genres like a mini theater, while keeping my style, is what I want to achieve as a photographer, which is another reason for my Instagram name.

(Mini theater is a small, local theater that is not run by movie theater chains. Its history goes back to the 60s, and movies screened at a mini theaters are often independent or arthouse films.)

© Yusuke Nakamura

What kind of pictures do you usually take?

I love portraits. Most of the time, I focus more on human aspects when shooting portraits. Also, I do family photos, though I don't share this on the social media.

© Yusuke Nakamura
© Yusuke Nakamura

Why do you choose to shoot film?

It's the fantasy-like feeling I get when express the light and the atmosphere of a scene through photographs, just like a chemical reaction. Film is capable of capturing a fragment of something vague that cannot be verbalized. Also, Lomography's films have a special magic that takes me to somewhere unique that digital cameras can't create.

© Yusuke Nakamura

What do you have in your mind when you click the shutter?

It's associated with my Instagram name. I always think about "scene." Since a photograph is a copy of a moment, it describes a dot on a timeline. However, it doesn't always indicate a "moment." My photographs are neither a fiction nor a documentary; they imply sequences of events or feelings of the photographs. One scene means a whole sequence of something, not a cut-out moment.

Your use of light and geometric composition is very distinctive. Are these things that you envision before shooting?

I believe many photographers are attracted to "light", and I'm one of them too. Also, I really like the fact that strong light creates strong shadows. So, I try to focus on the shapes created by those shadows. The more unique the shapes are, the more multi-deminsional they are. Not only are my models the main character of my photos, they also represent how they're perceived by us. By using a combination of light, shadows, and shapes, I seek to create an unreal world where picture-like strangeness and story-like empathy coexist.

© Yusuke Nakamura

What is the theme behind this series of Turquoise shots?

I used my F3 for this project. The concept was to color shift everyday scenes. LomoChrome Turquoise is such a unique film stock. Never having shot it before, I couldn't help myself but to to enjoy the strong color-shifting effects it has on ordinary places. I also tried multi-exposure to add a bit of spice to the photos, but mostly I just followed my regular routine.

How do you usually communicate with your models when shooting?

I guess the reality would totally be opposite of what you seen in my pictures. I try to stay away from photography-related subjects so that everyone, myself included, can relax and enjoy the photo shoot. Sometimes I think of them as my friends or sisters/brothers.

© Yusuke Nakamura

We've seen many beautiful photos shot on the LomoChrome Metropolis and LomoChrome Purple. How does the LomoChrome Turquoise compare against the two films?

Those are my favorite films too. Since each film has its own colour pallete, I've created a "recipe" for each film. With this recipe I know exactly what situation to choose for each film. The new Turquoise has some resemblace with the Purple, meaning the Turquoise can convert ordinary scenes into an unreal world. This ability is so "powerful" that I feel as though this film is taking me away, rather than me photographing with it. But, of course, in a good way.

Any tips for those who want to try the new LomoChrome Turquoise film?

This film brings a new world to you with ease. Frankly speaking, it's exceptionally fun. Instead of thinking too much, just try shooting normally, and you'll get some amazing results. Also, I prefer the images I got when I overexposed the film a bit.

© Yusuke Nakamura

Do you have any ongoing projects or plans for the future?

I haven't had an exhibition for a while, so this is a top priority. Also, I hope to make zines or photo books; something I can physically show my photographs with. Meanwhile, I'm planning to host a photowalk, or Lomowalk, hopefully to create an opportunity where we can communicate with other film lovers and get to know more about Lomography cameras and films. I hope to keep creating fun, unique, and experimental photos with Lomography!

© Yusuke Nakamura

Thanks to Yusuke Nakamura for sharing his photos and thoughts with us! Do not forget to follow his Instagram !

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