Yameen on Getting the Most Out of Your Sprocket Rocket Travels


We’ve seen him shoot with the classic Lomo LC-A+ and LC-A 120 cameras, venture into shooting with a wide angle, and experiment with exposed sprocket holes. Now San Francisco-based photographer, Yameen, is back to update us on his Sprocket Rocket usage, featuring Lomography Color Negative film, and to tell us why he loves traveling with it.

Photos by Yameen

Hi Yameen, welcome back to our magazine! Could you fill us in on your work since you were last featured?

Hi, thanks for having me back! I’ve just been navigating the Instagram reel apocalypse of 2022 and taking as many photos as I can!

You recently went on a trip to San Diego and took the Sprocket Rocket as well as some rolls of Lomography color negative ISO 400 film, what made you decide to use this combo on the go?

The Sprocket Rocket was the only analogue camera I brought with me on this trip! It’s such a great, compact travel camera with a really unique visual perspective. I love pairing Lomo 400 with the Sprocket Rocket. I get great contrast and color results in very sunny conditions and it renders scenes in a way that is very accurate to how I remember those moments.

Photos by Yameen

Was there anything specific you had in mind to shoot on your trip?

San Diego is of course very sunny and beautiful and I was going to be staying in a bunch of places I had never visited before. So I was very open to exploring and seeing new things.

Photo by Yameen

What’s your favorite shot from the trip? Why?

I think my favorite for me is the man laying down in the shallow pool and living his best life.

What do you typically look for in subjects to shoot with the Sprocket Rocket?

The panoramic format gives you a lot of space to work in and I typically try to frame compositions so that every part of the scene is filled with something. Even if that “something” is open space; that can help balance a composition.

Photos by Yameen

Has your experience using the Sprocket Rocket on this trip been any different than the last time you spoke to us about using the camera?

I took it into the water this time! I brought it into a wave pool and those turned out to be some of my favorite shots. I of course couldn’t get the camera wet, but it was fun taking pictures in a new environment like that.

Has approaching photography while traveling with the Sprocket Rocket been any different than traveling with any other basic point and shoots?

The Sprocket Rocket is very light so it’s perfect to travel with. It also has very few moving parts so I am less concerned about breaking something on it, although of course I am still extremely careful when packing it. It’s also a great conversation starter: almost any time I take it out I get lots of questions about it and of course I always spin those conversations into requests for street portraits.

Photos by Yameen

Do you have any future trips or excursions that you plan on taking the Sprocket Rocket to?

The Sprocket Rocket is a really unique film experience. Despite shooting mostly digital this trip, I would be very hard pressed to try and recreate the very analogue results of the Sprocket Rocket with a film recipe or simulation. And why bother when the Sprocket Rocket is so accessible.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with those who are interested in traveling with the Sprocket Rocket?

What are you waiting for?! Try a Sprocket Rocket for yourself and get to sharing those lovely, sprocket-y panoramas!

If you'd like to keep up with Yameen's work make sure to check out his Instagram and website!

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