Shaniqwa Jarvis' "Sleep to Dream" Exhibition is an Exploration of the Dreamscape through Photography

SN37 Gallery at the Seaport in New York City is currently exhibiting their fifth show which features Los Angeles-based photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. The solo-show titled Sleep to Dream is a meditation between the irrefutable photograph and the hazy space of physiological image recall: dream, memories, fantasies, and imaginations.

We recently got to talk to Shaniqwa about her work in intertwining photography and dreamscape.

Clockwise from top left: Under pressure, 2019; A little calm needed, 2021; Talking to Brindley, 2006; Double D, 2022; soft, 2021

Hello Shaniqwa, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a native New Yorker who lives in Los Angeles and eats a lot of spicy food. I prefer my film cameras over my digital ones but appreciate where technology has taken us. Some of my favorite photographs were taken on my Lomo camera a friend got me in the early 2000s as they had such a dream-like presence.

A lot of your previous work is much more commercial. What inspired you to explore more deliberately abstract subjects while staying true to your techniques and style?

It may be controversial to say, but I think this work is very true to me. Those who know me really well see this as a return to myself and what I love to turn my gaze on.

Clockwise from top left: Emotional maturity, 2022; Perceptions , 2020; Bouquet, 2020; Sleep to dream, 2020; Sometimes a prick, sometime not., 2020

There are a variety of abstract shots that all convey a dreamy, detached feeling — how did you approach avoiding repetition in your shots?

I believe in making the ordinary extraordinary. My focus is always on the light which is never the same.

Presentation-wise, how will the photographs be taking up the gallery space? Why have you chosen to present them in that way?

I've chosen to paint the walls a dark grey so it feels like you are inside my head, peering into my dreams or connecting your own dreams to these moments in time.

Left to right: "And then the fog rolled in," 2020 by Shaniqwa Jarvis; "A moment with Maggie," 2003 by Shaniqwa Jarvis

What is your favorite photo from the exhibition? Why?

"And the fog rolled in" is my favorite this week. Last week it was "A moment with Maggie."

Clockwise from top left: Taking a ride with my best friend, 2004; Last light, 2021; I’m sure I’ve been here before, 2020; Do you remember if I was here, 1999; The cleanest I’ve been, 2005; Not nearly my love, not nearly, 2020

What kind of gear did you use to take the photographs in the exhibition?

The cameras I used were a mix of film cameras of all formats.

Sleep to Dream is currently being exhibited at SN37 Gallery through October 3, 2022. To keep up with Shaniqwa's work make sure to follow her Instagram and check out her website.

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