First Impressions of the LomoApparat by Hong Kong Film Lover Ming Lee


We invited Hong Kong film photographer Ming Lee to shoot with a prototype of Lomography's brand new wide angle film camera, the LomoApparat. By trying out the different creative functions and lens attachments, he achieved a lot of analogue experimentation with this vintage-style camera. Check out his first impressions!

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

What were your first impressions upon receiving the camera?

It's a super wide-angle film camera that reminds me of the Konica WaiWai.

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

What's the feature you liked most?

The multiple exposure function for sure!

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

Have you tried adding the close-up lens to shoot anything?

Yes, I used the close-up lens to shoot some patterns for my multiple exposure creations.

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

Please tell us about the photos you took with the camera.

I'm used to shooting with 28 mm and 50 mm lenses, so it was challenging to get a full roll of film with the 21 mm wide angle lens this time. I took the LomoApparat to various locations and tried light painting, multiple exposures, and street shots. The wide angle greatly increases creativity, and the camera is very light. Using Bulb mode and shooting light painting with the multiple exposure function can achieve good results without a tripod.

Make good use of the camera's closest focusing distance of about 0.5m, which can be convenient for shooting close subjects – very suitable for street shooting. It is also convenient for taking selfies with friends. After adding a close-up lens, the closest focusing distance is shortened to about 0.1m, which can be closer to the subject. In addition, when I took back‑lit shots, there were halos appearing, which added unexpected surprises to photos.

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

Can you use three words to describe the LomoApparat?

Novelty, fun, light!

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

Where would you take this camera?

I will take this camera everywhere as there are not many other wide point-and-shoot cameras equipped with flash and a close-up lens on the market!

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

Which photo do you like the most?

My favorite is the multiple exposure photo that I shot on the Star Ferry because I followed the "don't think, just shoot" rule, and it gave me a big surprise!

© Ming Lee | LomoApparat 21mm Wide-angle Lens

To see more of Ming's work visit his Instagram page. Visit the Lomography Store to order the LomoApparat.

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  1. hannah_brown
    hannah_brown ·

    lovely shots!

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    polaroidlove ·

    Wonderful photos!

  3. thegladsatsuma
    thegladsatsuma ·

    These are so cool, especially the light painting shots, they make me very excited to receive my Apparat soon 😁

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