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Macau is currently known for being a luxury entertainment powerhouse, propped up by its numerous high-end resorts and casinos. But beyond this, the Chinese special administrative region is also home to historic monuments and unique local culture representing its Chinese and European heritage.

In this edition of Around the World in Analogue, Macau shines brightly in these off-the-beaten-path photos by community member Gian de Leon (@doqtaevil), who spent a significant portion of the pandemic in Macau and has come to call the Asian city his home. Let's dive into it!

Credits: doqtaevil

Name: Gian de Leon
LomoHome: @doqtaevil
Social Media: (Instagram)
Camera/Film: Canon AE-1 Program & Silberra 160, Mamiya 645 Pro & Silberra 100
Location: Macau

I stayed in Macau for two years during the pandemic. During my time there, I basically roamed Macau from top to bottom.

At first, I visited the usual touristy places. But over time, I eventually went to areas that only the locals know about. It’s really nice to see hidden gems in narrow alleyways, old parks, or even mountain trails.

Credits: doqtaevil

It is true that you can visit and see most of the sites in Macau in a day. It’s just a small region west of Hong Kong. There’s the Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island. However both Taipa and Coloane were eventually connected together through land reclamation (Co-Tai/Cotai Strip) some time in the early 2000s. I’ve been visiting Macau since 1999, but only during Christmas and summer breaks. The longest time was during the pandemic.

Now, I’m currently in the Philippines finishing up my studies, but I always think of Macau as my home. I sort of grew up there in a way. I love the culture, the sites, and of course, the food.

Credits: doqtaevil

I only started film photography back in 2019. When the pandemic started, I wanted to do something to keep me sane. I picked up my camera and started shooting. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted to learn the science of photography and not just the art. I learned about the analogue process from books, reference guides, and media.

I did my best to apply what I learned to different compositions I made in Macau. What I would do is keep experimenting on compositions.

Even if it is the same subject, there are different factors that can change the mood of the scene: different weather, time of day, metering, color, etc.

Credits: doqtaevil

What made my stay there memorable is that I got to learn so much about this hobby. Macau is a wonderful place to practice analogue photography.

My advice is bring loads of film. There are temples, churches, colonial buildings, casinos, restaurants, and many more places to visit. Macau was once colonized by the Portuguese so you can really see the influence of some of the architecture.

Credits: doqtaevil

The casinos around the Cotai strip are all glamorous and worthy of several shots. I suggest visiting these places: Largo do Lilau, Taipa Village, Coloane Village, Rua da Ervanarios, Jardim do Lou Lim Ioc, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Many thanks to Gian for sharing his stories and images with us! To keep in touch, visit his LomoHome or follow him on Instagram.

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    Cool shots!

  5. doqtaevil
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    @klawe yeah I was strolling around Coloane Village, I saw these kids with their bearded dragons. It’s so cool because they even have them in cute collars and leashes 😄.

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