Carla Dief's First Impressions of the Diana Baby 110 Camera


Spanish photographer Carla Dief is back in our Online Magazine with some previously unreleased photos taken with our Diana Baby 110 camera and LomoChrome Metropolis 110 film. Let's take a look at her results and hear about her first impressions!

© Carla Dief

What was your experience with the Diana Baby 110 camera like? Are there any characteristics you’d especially like to point out?

My experience with this camera has been very good! I really liked it a lot because of how small it is and how little it weighs. It seems very cute to me.

Has shooting with this camera ever attracted the curiosity of passers-by?

I don't think so. But it caught the attention of my family! My father loved it.

© Carla Dief

The photos shot with our cameras from the Diana Family are known for their dreamy lo-fi aesthetics, which could mean anything from soft and hazy to gritty and grainy. For you is it love or hate?

In this case, for me it is 100% love. I love the aesthetics it gives and I really like the format of the photos.

© Carla Dief

How would you describe the characteristics of 110 film to someone who has never used it?

Many people ask me how to achieve a totally analogue aesthetic and for me this 110 format is that. A 100% analogue aesthetic.

With 110 film having been resurrected, what other technologies of film photography do you see as being in jeopardy? Or what would you like to see enjoying a comeback?

I wish there were lots of new film rolls at our disposal. When I was little I remember that there were all kinds of film rolls, especially 35 mm. And I miss that.

© Carla Dief

What do you think is the ideal condition for shooting with 110 format cameras?

On a sunny day! This film format is perfect to take with you for an excursion.

© Carla Dief

Follow Carla on her Youtube channel, Instagram and check her website.

written by melissaperitore on 2023-03-20 #gear

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Lomography Diana Baby 110

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