Taiwan in Color: A Photo Gallery by @zhuzhusteve

Street photographers will always have a place in our community. The world is their oyster and they make sure that they make every second count. It seems these documentarians-at-large are always one step ahead. Their cameras are always ready to take a photo and their eyes always on the lookout for the next frame.

Credits: zhuzhusteve

Community member and Taiwan transplant @zhuzhusteve is one of those people. His feed is full of interesting snaps from his daily commutes. From jumping into busy train routes to scouring bustling city streets, he gets into the thick of it in search of his next shot. We are definitely loving the vibrant shots he shares in his albums. The lively colors give the already interesting scenes more flavor and depth.

Credits: zhuzhusteve

Aside from people-watching, Steve is also drawn to still-life photography. Life happens and you can't always expect things to remain shiny and brand-new. We love that some of Steve's subjects are weathered and well-worn. He isn't afraid to show things as they are, patina and all. He's able to bring out the natural character of his subjects regardless if they're people or simple objects he finds on his photo walks.

With this attention to detail, we're sure that Steve will continue bringing more interesting photos for everyone in our community to enjoy.

Follow @zhuzhusteve on his LomoHome to see where his photo walks will take him next.

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