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Trying to make a comprehensive review of all the analogue photography channels available on YouTube is a job that would take years. So instead, we have decided to focus on medium and small size creators with great content that we wanted to highlight!

In this list, you will not find, for example, The Art Of Photography – a wonderfully conducted channel, which most likely you all know already, and other similarly popular channels. This list features both educational and narrative videos, and a mix of the two. Now let's get to our list!

Photo courtesy of © Shoot Film Like a Boss. Photo courtesy of © Sophia Carey, Photo courtesy of © Analog Resurgence, Photo courtesy of © Ejatu Shaw.

Shoot Film Like a Boss is a channel that focuses on the educational aspect of analogue photography, and it is all about learning film photography, both shooting and darkroom work. He has a good mix of useful information and a bit of wit that keeps the mood light and entertaining.

Sophia Carey has a well curated channel and she works with both analogue (specifically more on medium format) and digital photography. In her channel she talks about her workflow, editing tips, behind the scenes, and tips on how to be a freelance photographer.

Ejatu Shaw is a vlogger based in London. She chronicles her journey through analogue photography in a very authentic way. There is a mix of vlogging and useful tips in her videos and her humor comes out in each episode. The fun, light and entertaining pace makes her videos a pleasure to watch.

Analog Resurgence is one of those channels that you can trust on YouTube. It describes itself as a channel all about history and how-to’s. From Toronto to the world, Noah Henderson’s knowledge comes from experience as he is a lab assistant that knows cameras and film inside out. Easy to follow and understand for any level of analogue photographers, if you are looking for any kind of technical information on films and darkrooms, this is one of the best places to go.

Photo courtesy of © Azriel Knight, Photo courtesy of © Film is more fun, Photo courtesy of © Tatiana Hopper, Photo courtesy of © Aly's Vintage Camera Alley

Azriel Knight is also a channel full of knowledge and information about the dos and don'ts of analogue photography. You can see in his videos that there is a lot of technical experience in his work. There are a lot of reviews on cameras and films, as well as tips on shooting, development and darkroom work.

Tatiana Hopper is a UK/Ireland based film photographer. In her channel, there is a vast source of in depth reviews, topics, and the history of photography narrated through sample images and the artist's life and artistic process. She has a profound knowledge of history, not only photographic history but also how each category of the visual arts is interconnected with each other from motion picture to classical art.

Film is more fun content can range from how-tos, to camera reviews, and random photography meanderings. There is a lot of information for beginners as well as DIY hacks to help you get stuck in and truly experience the world of analogue photography. There is also a section dedicated to experiments in analogue photography which is helpful to anyone interested in trying something out of the ordinary.

Aly's Vintage Camera Alley is also a very informative channel full of film reviews, film developing experiments, and a variety of vintage camera review. The reviews are knowledgeable and insightful with historical facts on the camera's life that are interesting and entertaining. There is a good mix of vlogging as well as reviews on film stocks, books, and some how-to repairing hacks for old cameras that are always helpful.

Photo courtesy of © Only Analogue Photo courtesy of © Graincheck, Photo courtesy of © Karin Majoka, Photo courtesy of © Lina Bessonova, Photo courtesy of © Cody Wood

Graincheck is a nicely curated channel by photographer Taylor Pendleton. It is made up of mainly vlogging and behind the scenes, mixed with some storytelling about her workflow. Her comfortable vibe makes her a relaxing companion to listen to and watch. Her wit and personality shine through the videos, and she manages a mix of fun and cleverness that makes her content highly engaging.

Lina Bessonova is another impeccable channel all about analogue photography. With precise technical information and educational videos on the art and science of analogue photography, her videos are accessible and easy to understand. Her explanations are clear for beginners as well as more knowledgeable photographers.

Karin Majoka is a film photographer from Germany. Her channel is a healthy mix of camera review, vlogging, photography gear reviews, behind the scenes photography and photo walks. Her work is mostly on the go, on the streets with all the wonders that life outside can give to a photographer. She is resourceful and detailed in her videos that are extremely informative with a down to earth quality.

In the videos of Cody Wood we follow the Australian photographer's adventures and life experience. His vlogging feels very intimate and we are invited to see it like a visual diary. He is a candid and charming creator, who pours his heart and soul in the craft. The videos offer a mix of photographic topics, photo books, tips and so on.

The duo Only Analogue brings to life the passion for film photography by Josh and Tom. In their video the duo has a range of vintage cameras review and film stocks, to a candid diary of a goofy approach to the world of analogue. The easy approach to the world of analogue photography makes the duo relatable and fun.

What are your favorite analogue YouTube channels? Share them in the comments below.

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    Sorry. I posted twice by accident.

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    Really love your magazine and there are some beautiful, stylish blogs on here.. My all time favourite Film Photography YouTube channel is still www.youtube.com/c/WilliamSheepskin -He has been a bit quiet since his cancer diagnosis, but the infrequent videos are still a really enjoyable, surprisingly upbeat and visually appealing watch. ! Thanks for a lovely website.

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