How To Creatively Use The Half Frame Feature With The Diana Mini Camera

Inspired by the revolutionary masters of the past century we have developed a portrait idea in the style of cubism. Part of the idea behind cubist paintings was to dismantle the dual concept of depicting a three-dimensional subject on the two-dimensional surface of a painting.

We have developed this concept and adapted it to the photographic medium. Using the Diana Mini & Flash Half-frame & Square Camera with the half frame feature, we have composed a full figure picture frame by frame. Our film of choice was the Potsdam Kino B&W 35 mm ISO 100.

Photos by Elisa Parrino


Simply divide your subject into sections from head to toe. Turn your focus distance to 0.6, which is on the lens of your Diana Mini. Try to keep the distance as accurate as possible to have the whole figure in focus.

It is important that your subject keeps the pose until the end, even if you have moved to a different area. The more static the position is, the easier it will be to match each frame.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

Start from whereever you like, from either the top or bottom. But keep your progression in order as it will help to piece the images together. Once the film is safely developed and scanned it is time to put the puzzle pieces together. Use editing software such as Photoshop and create a canvas that can accommodate all your frames.

Now match the corresponding body parts to each other. Be creative and let the fun begin. Allow yourself some creative freedom and don't worry too much if they are not a perfect match, the fun part is to see what comes out of it.

What is your favourite way to use the half frame feature? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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Lomography Diana Mini & Flash Half-frame & Square Camera

The Diana Mini shoots 35 mm film and produces dreamy, lo-fi shots. The camera lets you choose between half-frame and square frame shots. It also features a Bulb mode function which allows you to take long exposures and crazy light streaks!

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