Gallery: Halloween on Film


If you're looking to add a little extra intrigue to your Halloween festivities, consider bringing along your film camera to snap some spooky-inspired shots. With a quick glance through the community's gallery of Halloween photos, you're sure to find plenty of inspiration for capturing the eerie ambiance of the season.

Credits: lightswarrior, arseniusanomalius, s0lanin, alishafenn & juicybby

Even though dressing up for Halloween is a minimum requirement, you can make the most out of it by having a fully-fledged photo shoot. You can add some props, play with lighting, and ask your friends to help you capture some unearthly portraits that will make all the effort worth it.

To ensure that you capture all the details during the photo shoot, try out medium format cameras like the Lomo LC-A 120. By using films like Lomography XR Redscale and Lomography Berlin Kino 400, you can create the horror mood that you're going for in each photo.

Credits: seanperalta, princesspeach, juliannnss, hilomx, mannequin & 1needsom3bread

Halloween is a great time to go out and have fun. For teenagers and young adults, it can be overwhelming to decide which events to attend during this one night of the year. Walking around with your friends and seeing the chaos of costumed pedestrians roaming around the city looking for the next adventure is an exciting experience. On the other hand, activities like trick-or-treating and visiting pumpkin patches are also enjoyable for those seeking a more relaxed time.

Since you're on the go, a compact camera like the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera or the wide-lensed LomoApparat is a great option to capture the moment. These cameras are perfect for following Lomography's rule of "Don't Think, Just Shoot", which allows you to capture spontaneous shots effortlessly. Additionally, using high-speed films like Lomography Color Negative 800 will ensure you capture your night's memories perfectly.

Credits: deedee_photog, mkeene, ilmiofilm, okartus, sweetpeafee & alililiki

The Halloween season is also the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and play with elements of horror in your photography. Simply taking a walk in your area and capturing something ominous with the right film and conditions can go a long way, but experimenting with weirder colors and multiple exposures can give you even more terrifying results.

Cameras with unique perspectives such as the Fisheye No.2 or with multiple exposure buttons like the La Sardina will allow you to easily be more creative with each photo.

Credits: arseniusanomalius, theshadowblogger, kekekakstonnine, sim0ne, elmahiko & eleanorolson

With all these pictures and ideas I'm sure you'll make the most out of this year's spooky season. Happy Halloween!

Be sure to share your own Halloween film photos with us on your LomoHomes!

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