Paloma Cordova, a.k.a. "paloma the peach," Customizes the La Sardina DIY Camera


Paloma Cordova, who you might know as "paloma the peach" across her social media platforms, is a Houston, Texas-based artist with a goal to make her audience feel warm and cozy through her cute style and down-to-earth personality. There's more to her work than just being cute, though. With a background in fine arts Paloma draws inspiration from her identity as a Mexican immigrant.

We recently collaborated with Paloma and gave her complete artistic freedom to customize the La Sardina DIY Camera and Flash, which she took on as a passion project thanks to her partner's love for analogue photography. She shared her cozy process in one of her latest YouTube videos and then hosted a giveaway of it on her Instagram!

Photos by paloma the peach

Hi Paloma, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

I’m so happy to be included in Lomography Magazine! A little bit about me, I’m a 23-year-old full time artist! I’m also a wife, mother to many animals, student and a Mexican immigrant. All of these aspects of my identity heavily influence my artwork. I try to find creative ways to use my surroundings as references for my pieces. I would say my art style is mainly cute with hints of my fine art background and little glimmers of “creepy” (love mixing opposing elements.)

What was your inspiration for your La Sardina DIY? How did you come up with the concept?

To come up with my concept I always reflect back on my favorite past artwork and think of ways to keep a new project authentic to myself. I worked on a few mood boards, separating them out into my different ideas and I found that the Mexican cowboy theme was flowing and felt very personal to me. I thought it could be a wonderful time to execute this idea since it's Hispanic Heritage Month! The subtle patterns on the front panel and front panel border are homages to Charro attire, while the green, red and white are of course a reference to the Mexican flag.

Photos by paloma the peach

Do you have any tips or tricks for our artistic community members who might want to design a camera of their own?

I think as far as designing your own camera, definitely start with mood boards or sketches! I find this gets our creative thinking flowing and it helps guide us to really great concepts. And of course have fun! That’s the most important part of creating.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I’m so honored to have gotten to work with Lomography, it’s definitely been a passion project for me while working on this camera. I hope to have brought you some joy and inspiration with my design of the La Sardina camera!

Keep up with Paloma and her work on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Channel and her website.

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Lomography La Sardina - DIY

Lomography La Sardina - DIY

Let your creativity spill beyond your analogue photos with this unique customizable La Sardina camera.

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