400/800 ISO Lomography Color Negative Color 35mm Film


Fast, Furious and Fantastic Film

Fast, Furious and Fantastic Film

Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects, and lower lights call for film that’s a little faster than your run-of-the-mill 100ISO. But the last thing that Lomographers want to do is sacrifice any of their beloved Lomographic colors and effects for a little extra speed. To all of you plastic lens, multi-lens, dawn & dusk, marathons and hi-speed bocce match Lomographers – we’ve got you covered.




May we introduce the all-new Lomographic 400 and 800 color negative films! Fine-tuned and specially designed for intense color and contrast – these films capture absolutely radiant images at higher speeds. That means:

  • Clear and sharp multi-lens action shots (Supersampler, Actionsampler, Supersampler, Oktomat)
  • Longer electronic flash range and frozen fast-moving subjects (Colorsplash, Fisheye)
  • Easygoing long exposures at night (Lomo LC-A+)

Of course, the little list above is just the tip of your iceberg of possibilities. And this fine film works just as well with non-Lomographic cameras as well!

Gallery Lomographic 400 Color Negative Film

Gallery Lomographic 800 Color Negative Film

Camera and Film Bundle Deals

If these colorful new analog-candies have piqued your interest, then why not grab this opportunity to compliment your new film stock with a shining new Lomographic camera?

We’ve put together a few dinero-saving bundles to sweeten the deal:

Deadstock Agfa APX: The Final 2000 Pieces

Discontinued in 2005, Agfa APX 400 B&W film has long been a firm favourite amongst Lomographers with a penchant for film noir. Our Deadstock hunter found this classic emulsion masquerading in a Rollei Retro 400’s clothes and are now destined to bring it back into the light. Renowned for its excellent tonality and super-smooth grain – it is ideal for enlargements. Details are sharp, with an even contrast and most distinctively you will notice that lucid APX atmosphere. With a speed of ISO 400, you can be sure of superior quality whether it’s sunny or cloudy. This sought-after emulsion is hand-numbered and packed in a Lomography box specially designed to pay tribute to this memorable moment – your last chance to experience this B&W Agfa classic. Only 2,000 boxes of this vintage emulsion are available. Get your stash before it’s too late!

The Lomography Film Family

Got a REALLY hungry camera? If the treats above didn’t fill it up, then maybe you should check out what’s on our desert menu.

Lomography Redscale Film

The world’s very first pre-loaded and ready-to-shoot RedScale film – designed to re-cast your image in a sea of powerful and seriously intense red, orange, and yellow tones.

Lomography 120 Black & White

The very first Lomographic 120 Black and White emulsion: With a 100 ISO speed, it’s precisely calibrated to yield high-contrast images with deep, true blacks and dazzling highlights.

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  1. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    fatboy APX is pure sex!

  2. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·

    im about to get my redscale developed :)

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