Infrared shots that didn't work as planned

Loaded these to show how some infrareds don't go as planned. This is a roll of 35mm infrared I scored from from a local film processing store. Two rolls in fact. I've only shot the one. Basically all of my 120 film I've had great success with but this was the first time trying the 35mm and it didn't work out so well. I loaded the film in the dark, taped up the seams to be extra careful and kept the settings on AV to let the camera do the work, and still everything came out way overexposed. The other thing I was trying was using a Diana lens made for the Canon and a Recessky plastic lens I mounted onto a Canon body cap. Both lens usually work fine and actually tend to make things a little darker, but didn't work this time. Anyway at least Mickey's ears turned out red.

Kodak 35mm infrared
Infrareds that didn't work as planned
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