My son and his wife with two beautiful old Yashica electro 35 GS

From Storetorg in Malmö. Developed in Tetenal

Leica M4
Kodak Portra 160
Leica Elmar 50mm f2.8


  1. javid
    javid ·

    Graet job!!! It is amazing camera Canon7

  2. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·


  3. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @javid @pmonroe Thanks a lot for your comments.

  4. nacarilegea
    nacarilegea ·


  5. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @nacarilegea thanks a lot.

  6. marluusje
    marluusje ·

    Great camera Yashica Electro 35 GS

  7. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @marluusje Thanks for your comment. I agree, they are great cameras.

  8. drummond
    drummond ·

    oh, lovely cameras !
    purchased an electro 35 a few days ago, but didn´t check it out with a film so far

  9. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @drummond Thanks for your comment. I like the camera to but I like to shoot totallh manual the most. The good thing about the electro35's is that you can use normal 1,5V batteries without any influence on the exposure. You just need a battery holder. I made one out of a small plastic tube from a tush, 4 LR44 batteries and some alufoil formed to a small ball in one end. It is working flawless. You should try yours, you will be amazed about the lens. Just check the rangefinder accuracy, if not spot on at infinity, the ajusting screw is behind the battery check button.

  10. drummond
    drummond ·

    Very nice informations about the electro 35.
    Merci beaucoup !

  11. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    Einfach & Super !!!! Dickes Kompliment !!!!

  12. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @steamtug1959 Sehr vielen dank. :-)

  13. carblkm5
    carblkm5 ·

    ...a photograph of a photographer taking a photograph of a photographer.

  14. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @carblkm5 A photograph of two photographers taking photographs of photogrphers. Ha, ha. Thanks for your comment.

  15. carblkm5
    carblkm5 ·

    : )

  16. carblkm5
    carblkm5 ·

    LOL -you're welcome. I actually meant to say, "...a photograph of a photographer taking a photograph of a photographer." But, you got my point. I really like that photo.

  17. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @carblkm5 Hi again. Yes, I got your point. Thanks. I also have the shots from the two other cameras. But they are not mine of course. It is a little funny though. My son and his wife loves the electro35. They just came home from a trip to Brasil and the only camera they brougth with them was one of the electro's. Wish you a pleasent day, thanks again.

  18. carblkm5
    carblkm5 ·

    And, a pleasant day to you as well.

  19. 09manolete
    09manolete ·

    Me gusta mucho

  20. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @09manolete Muchas gracias

  21. dinosandtalltrees
    dinosandtalltrees ·

    Just super!

  22. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    @dinosandtalltrees Thanks a lot😉

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