Behind my Face...

Behind my face, below my hair, between my ears and just above my throat / There is a factory. But it is upside down. / It's working fine though. / It is big and busy. / All the machines inside are powerful, precise, robust, fast and efficient. / The stuff is skilled, well organized and working day and night. / Its products are the finest on the market. / But there is one flaw: Since the factory is standing on its head / The products it produces are also upside down. / Hence they are useless. / Therefore no one needs or wants them. / And therefore they are labeled "ART".


  1. azzzy
    azzzy ·


  2. bigphilly808
    bigphilly808 · have to agree with Azzzy on this one...SUHweeeetshot!

  3. bigga_than_ben
    bigga_than_ben ·

    oh wow! that's a masterpiece! love it!!

  4. bigga_than_ben
    bigga_than_ben ·

    p.s. is it made with reflection or double exposure?

  5. asswhipe
    asswhipe ·

    jesus christ! that's fucking nice man!!!

  6. the_what
    the_what ·

    wow! how cool!

  7. getreal
    getreal ·

    love it!

  8. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    that's great!

  9. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    yes !

  10. davidgorgojo
    davidgorgojo ·


  11. sandkorn
    sandkorn ·

    sweeeeet! love it!

  12. i_jesus
    i_jesus ·

    great shot!

  13. best_man
    best_man ·


  14. lomogreenpin
    lomogreenpin ·

    nice one! congrats on rumble winner!!

  15. juditto
    juditto ·

    great shot ;) congrats by the way..

  16. fehmicango
    fehmicango ·

    great great pic mate thasts so cool!!!!

  17. angora
    angora ·

    I love the poem

  18. cpolpa
    cpolpa ·

    love it ;)

  19. pushkar
    pushkar ·

    wow!!! i dont know ur a better lomographer or a writer....

  20. lenheln
    lenheln ·

    aaa it's wonderfull!!!

  21. mandyroos
    mandyroos ·


  22. 13thfloor
    13thfloor ·

    I just don't know what to say, amazing!

  23. blablabla-anab
    blablabla-anab ·

    WOW!! beautiful!!!!

  24. kokskruemmel
    kokskruemmel ·

    Have you tried to do a headstand yet?

    PS: I love that photo!

  25. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·


  26. biri
    biri ·

    woooooooooooow :O

  27. norweegie
    norweegie ·

    Awesome picture and poem! Love it!

  28. signals_pulsate
    signals_pulsate ·

    This is an awesome pic. It totally reminds me of Bjork's video "Bachelorette"

  29. an-y
    an-y ·

    perfect pic

  30. havise
    havise ·


  31. weedos
    weedos ·

    Nicely Done!

  32. simonesavo
    simonesavo ·


  33. 134340
    134340 ·


  34. nurg
    nurg ·

    how could this be , awesome

  35. svitac
    svitac ·

    This is Fuck*n poetry

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