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  • Street Fashion - Singapore City

    written by maxpinckers on 2009-03-09 #news
    Street Fashion - Singapore City

    I took the chance to do some fashion shootings during my travels to Singapore.

  • Taj Mahal, India

    written by wil6ka on 2009-02-08 #places
    Taj Mahal, India

    I am not such a touristy traveller, checking out all the sites and then getting drunk with your native co-travellers. No, I want to see, what the locals do, feel and think. So my tracks are different to the ones of the masses. But there are certainly some spots that you have to see, when you go abroad. So I went to Taj Mahal and to write it from the beginning: I was disappointed.

  • Travel tips? Transportation in Bogotá

    written by pili_iker on 2011-02-02 #places
    Travel tips? Transportation in Bogotá

    Transmilenio is our capital pride! All of us (Colombinas) love this 'bus', it is a rapid transit (BRT) system, designed and implemented according to the following principles: quality and consistency, affordability, respect for life, respect for users' time, and respect for human diversity.