.. I love cross. Someone loves cross for an unexpected result, but this is not my way .. I love cross for its simplified, decorative - conditional color. But I don't like Sensia too much for her strong imbalance. Someone loves, but it's not me ) However, photography for me is a field for constant experimentation. and therefore sometimes Sensia happens )) The photo is not of a mountain elf village in the Alpine Meadows. It's not like it's a settlement at all... it is a projection in time of the a settlement of people who lived at different times down in the valley. The pyramids of the Ossetian highlanders are houses where previous generations of ancestors sleep on different floors in in boats hollowed out of logs.. The older the clan, the higher the Mausoleum. Like the roots of family trees stretching up the mountain slope to Heaven. It is very clear for future generations - looking back in time you see the history of your family several centuries earlier. An example of the depth and wisdom of traditional pre-global culture.. more of my panoramic pictures here: ..always welcome comments ) Horizon202 camera with its invincible characteristic white artifacts on film
filmed and crossed Fujichrome RH Sensia 400
Epson V600 Photo scanned #CROSS #Fujichrome #Sensia400 #Horizon #crossprocessed

cross crossprocessed fujichrome horizon sensia400
Fujifilm Sensia400