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Go Medium Format with LC-A 120

Think fast, shoot faster! Get show stopping square photos on 120 film with the glowing colors, shadowy vignettes & fine contrasts. Never miss an adventure with the LC-A 120!

Photo of the Day by disdis

This photograph might lack the vibrant colors of summers but it still embodies the season's carefree vibe with its animated subject. Congratulations to disdis for winning Photo of the Day!

Smudged in Color: Pinhole Graphics

Pinhole photography does more than it suggests. The camera user becomes a camera maker. And with a greater camera IQ, the photographer can cross over to the territory of painting.

The Photography of Réka Koti: Lo-Fi Blurs and Foggy Moods

The Photography of Réka Koti: Lo-Fi Blurs and Foggy Moods

Photo travelogues are often sprightly, the forms defined and the colors sharp. Réka Koti has a completely different interpretation. A location is a basis for experiments. Nature is a double-exposure detail or a nebular extension of her model’s frock. Branches and leaves are blurred to look like paint strokes. The outcome is mysterious, and Lomography can’t help asking: What is the alchemy behind these dusky pictures?

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Clickiemcpete is our LomoHome of the Day!

Clickiemcpete is our LomoHome of the Day!

Aside from being a LomoGuru, clickiemcpete is also a skilled metal artist and product designer. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to clickiemcpete for winning Home of the Day!

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