Monday Moodboard: Eastertide Aesthetics


No one's ever too old for fresh flowers, colorfully painted eggs and bunnies -- these are among the most exhilarating images you can witness this Spring season. Take your kids, little siblings or nephews and nieces at a walk in the park, and enjoy your Monday with a nostalgic and calm-yet-festive aura. This week's Monday Moodboard encourages you to hunt those eggs and feed the rabbits!

Credits: kylethefrench, natalieerachel, nicolas_noir, milkie, lawypop, megsshelly, marta1901, hanat9651, i_fung, maeusedisko, kleeblatt, adash & frauspatzi

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-04-17 #culture #inspiration #easter #aesthetics #monday-moodboard #easter-season

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