Kosuke and Asumi Mizuno's Most Unpredictable Diana F+ Camera Shots


Dreamy and spontaneous, the beloved Diana F+ camera has been a favorite among analogue enthusiasts ever since. Lomography's very own Diana darlings Kosuke (@akabee) and Asumi Mizuno (@orangebird) both met the Diana F+ camera when @akabee went to the World Congress 2007 held in London, where he received the camera. His partner @orangebird saw the Diana photos @akabee took, so she also became interested.

Lomographer @akabee mentioned in another interview that whenever he and @orangebird shoot the streets with the Diana F+, the world changes into a strange space. Today, we talked to these Lomographers about the most surprising and unexpected shot they ever took with the Diana.

Credits: akabee & orangebird

Kosuke Mizuno's Multiple Exposure

Hey Kosuke! Do you remember how you took the shot?

I attached a tripod to the Diana F+, and shot with multiple exposures.

May you share with us what you were doing or trying to achieve? What was your intended shot?

I thought that I would like to have perfect multiple exposure. I used a tripod and shot the same scenery many times. As a result, it was possible to take pictures that many people have disappeared.

What do you like about this unpredictable shot?

I was surprised! Because the picture and my image were consistent!

Credits: akabee

Asumi Mizuno's Happy Accident

Hi Asumi! Do you remember how you took the shot?

I went to take a picture of the sunset scenery. A stray cat came suddenly while shooting. I adjusted the posture to the height of the cat's eyes.

May you share with us what you were doing or trying to achieve? What was your intended shot?

I hurried to shoot the shutter before the cat passed in front of me. I absolutely wanted to take a picture of a cat walking with sunset scenery.

What do you like about this surprising Diana shot?

I accidentally cut the shutter twice, but I could shoot the movement of the walking foot of the cat. I feel very lucky and happy!

Credits: orangebird

Keep snapping with the Diana F+ camera and let its analogue wonders surprise you! Already got some unexpectedly cool Diana F+ shots? Don't forget to upload them on your LomoHome or share them in the comments section below!

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