I Dream in Lomokino

I Dream in Lomokino is a short film I put together with some test footage I took with the Lomokino for my upcoming film Stacy, the Jungle Girl. I put this footage together because it came out so good, and I’m so excited to use my Lomokino on a scripted project.

In these 5 24 exp rolls of regular old 35 mm Fuji 200 Film, I tested gels, filters, and flashes. The gels & filters worked great taped over the lens. I even used a flash gel from my Diana flash, taping it snugly over the lens, which covered it quite nicely. I used my EXII with extra battery pack, and it worked very well. At 1/32 power it popped every frame. I even tried single frame firing with great results.

The star of this film, Stacy Lopez is the star and inspiration for my upcoming film that will be shot all on location in Maui. The Lomokino has been an inspirational little camera for me, and I look forward to using it a whole lot more.

I Dream in Lomokino

A Film By
David Kupferberg

Stacy Lopez

Music By
The Shivers


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    okay, so i guess the Lomokino is really cool, haha. Great job!!!

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    Great film! I love that you created a movie using more than just one roll of film.

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    absolutely fantastic!!! what an amazing work!