Nadine Khouri: From Portugal to Mexico with the LC-Wide


Lebanese-born singer Nadine Khouri took the Lomo LC-Wide out on tour around Portugal and Mexico and discovered the unexpected joys of shooting double exposures.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a singer-songwriter based in London. I recently released a record called 'The Salted Air' produced by John Parish in Bristol.

What inspires you to write music?

Usually, it'll be an attempt to capture a fleeting feeling or image, something unresolved or that can't be contained. Songs mostly come to me in images. Anything that leaves an impression, really. Also, I find the process of writing really inspiring.

How did you get on shooting with the Lomo LC-Wide?

I loved shooting with the LC-Wide! To be honest, it'd been a while since I'd used a film camera. I didn't know what to expect as I hadn't used the LC-Wide before, but I really enjoyed the spontaneity of it and the surprise of the outcome, especially once I'd figured out how to work the double-exposure feature. I love looking at layered images. A double-exposure evokes a similar feeling as memories do for me - at times intangible & ghostly - the remnants of events happening in an apparent sequence, but also blending and affecting each other, becoming part of a whole.

If your photos could have a soundtrack, what would it be?

1. Cucurrucucu Paloma, Caetano Veloso
2. Anywhere I Lay My Head, Tom Waits
3. All Delighted People (Classic Rock version), Sufjan Stevens
4. Anywhere on this Road, Lhasa de Sela
5. Distant Sky, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

What’s coming up in the future?

I just released the single ‘Catapult’, which features 2 new b-sides, including a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Bird On The Wire’. After that, I'm taking a little writing break and should be touring in the Autumn through Europe, so look out for some live dates!

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