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lomography keeps my boyhood love of film alive! As a boy I had a carefree love of disposable cameras.
I returned to film a few years ago in 2014 I inherited a Minolta SR-T 200 from my uncle. Since then I've collected and shot with the following:
Minolta SR-T 200,Polaroid impulse, lomography la sardina splendour,Canon eos rebel, Zenit 122k, Nikon F5, Kodak brownie hawkeye,Ondu pocket pinhole 135. Lomography fisheye 2 ,Minolta x700,

My guidelines for taking good photos
1.Take your cameras everywhere you go (or you might miss something)
2.Know the rules of composition so that you can break them effectively
3.Try something new ( a new film, a new angle, a new place etc)
4. It's my philosophy that thinking is important
4a.Think fast shoot fast.
4b.Think slow and take time to compose the shot
5. Sometimes it's fine to let the shot pass by and just appreciate the moment
6. It's important to throw the rules to the wind on occasion
7. This one I'm borrowing from the impossible project "be the first one to do it

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