Documentarian to images I find visually interesting-worth a chance as a photograph-as framed by my eyes through the view-finder, and captured and enhanced to some degree by my cameras.
For black and white pictures, of recent times, I usually develop with ADOX' Rodinal, otherwise in this century it is probably T-max developer. In the 20th century, it was some variety of D-76. For color photos if developed by me, it was probably Arista liquid concentrates or some type of news journalist powder mixtures.
I only use around 25 film cameras-mostly medium format Holgas(8) plus one Holga 135BC. I have 1970's SLRs from Nikon, Canon, Ricoh and Olympus, and a couple of the more recent, nevertheless old, Canon Eos Rebels, a Lubitel 166+, three Dianas, 2 of 120 format and a mini, numerous other Lomo cameras, various Kodaks: Brownie Hawkeyes, Trimlite 48 110, 35AF1 and different box cameras. In addition, a good number of other odds and sods film cameras like the toy Debonair, FED 5B and old Polaroids I have loaded with sheet film or 35mm film.

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