Lomography Color Negative ISO 800 35mm

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In order to avoid underexposure under difficult shooting conditions, a film with higher latitude of exposure should be used. Lomography CN 800 film offers all the advantages of a film with high sensitivity to light, along with a finer grain, higher quality, more natural skin tones and accurate color reproduction when compared to its high speed competitors.

The CN 800 film offers best-in-class underexposure latitude with the possibility of using it as an ISO 1600 film, when the conditions require a even higher sensitivity. Ideal for use with large focal length lenses, shooting fast action, and at low light conditions. This film allows us to capture shadow and detail without using a flash.

This film offers a large amount of possibilities to shoot in different conditions. It’s perfect for night shots and anything above that. I’m shooting a large variety of scenes like floodlit stadium, night traffic, and street lights. It’s usually perfect for shooting during night time with a Lomographic camera, which doesn’t offer many settings. Also this film can be pushed one stop, so you don’t have to worry about getting underexposed photos.

Being a C41 film, it can be developed at every one hour lab or drug store. I don’t know for sure if this kind of labs do pushed or pulled film though.

Use this film whenever you go outside with friends to clubs, pubs, or whatever. It’s just doing the job!

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 800 ISO film is a high-speed film designed to bring a burst of vibrant colour, as well as great saturation and contrast, in all lighting conditions! Shoot in bright sunshine, grey days, indoors or at night with a flash. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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