Portrait Photography Tips: Snapping Perfect Portraits


Any fellow Lomographer must have taken a portrait photo before, right? Well, if you haven’t, these are a few tips to help you succeed. During any time and any place, let the snapping of perfect portraits begin!

Film photography is all about surprises, which means you never really know how your photos are going to turn out. When taking portrait photos, keep these tips in mind:

1. Don’t get too close. When taking a photo, you might not always know if your camera is in focus or not. The last thing you want is to take a beautiful photo of your best friend on the beach and find out that you came too close, causing the photo to turn into a giant colorful blob. Keep a small distance away from the face and make sure everything is perfect before snapping!

Credits: amandaglass

2. Be creative. While some might enjoy boring photos of just faces, others like color and vibrance – allow your photography to represent you! A face doesn’t always need to look like a face… why not make something cool out of it? Don’t be afraid to take chances when it comes to taking portraits.

Credits: amandaglass

3. Play around. Maybe you’d like to have the face in the photo coming out of the top-left corner, or possibly even upside-down! What about the back of someone’s head instead of the front? Experiment and explore.

Credits: amandaglass

Keep these tips in mind, but the most important tip is to make sure you have fun when taking portrait photography!

Credits: amandaglass

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