Iconic 110 Cameras: Hanimex 110


With the recent release of Lomography’s first ever black and white 110 film, we know you must be itching to try them out with some notable 110 cameras. We come to your rescue with a mini-series which features some of these classic compact shooters!

Image by Matthew Paul Argall from Wikimedia Commons

Brand: Hanimex
Year: 1970s-1980s

Why it’s iconic: Founded by Jack Hannes, Hanimex was an importer of European cameras to Australia, as well as an exporter and distributor of SLR lenses for various renowned camera systems. They eventually manufactured their own cameras that were made by Tōkyō Kōgaku, Sedic and Royal in Japan, by Finetta, Montanus, Vredeborch and Dacora in West Germany, by Pentacon in East Germany, and other Chinese makers. Like Vivitar, they had a long line of 110 cameras available. One of their most popular models was the Amphibian MF, a yellow underwater 110 cam.

Credits: johbeil, cadabra, maaikel & rpeterthomas

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    My first camera was a 110 camera, it was My Little Pony camera, all pink and white with a rainbow... If I found it, I would be sooo happy! But I think it is lost forever. And I can't find any image of it on the internet... :(

  2. johbeil
    johbeil ·

    Recently purchased a used Hanimex 110 IF, put in new batteries and a Lomography Color Slide / X-Pro film (ISO 200) ... camera does not take pictures. So it's either defective or cannot handle ISO 200 film. I read somewhere on the Internet that the camera is able to adapt to ISO 100 or ISO 400 based on a tab the film cartridges have (or used to have). Anyone know anything about this?

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