Monday Moodboard: You're in Film Noir


If you need a little bit of escapism for your Monday blues, it's time to tune in your head and tinted glasses, because today this Monday Moodboard's bringing you into the world of film noir.

Black and white, low lights, trench coats, mysterious silhouettes and shady mornings -- welcome to the crime drama you've always been dreaming about. Bonus points to extremely long thought monologues.

Credits: jeabzz, blackbyrd, enial, llcooldawe, grazie, ohlordy, raylemon, ryszardl70 & theblues

2017-05-08 #tutorials #inspiration #film-noir #monday-moodboard

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  1. pan_dre
  2. llcooldawe
    llcooldawe ·

    Low key light, low key...

  3. tomczykd
    tomczykd ·

    very good shots! I like them very much! @jeabzz, @blackbyrd, @enial, @llcooldawe, @grazie, @ohlordy, @raylemon, @ryszardl70, @theblues

  4. grazie
    grazie ·

    Thanks again!!

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