Around the World in Analogue: Getting Lost in Seoul

Lomographer Luis Rivera, a.k.a. eyeofagamotto went through some urban soul-searching in the South Korean capital. Looking for the intangible thread that will touch him inside, he took rolls of color negative and black-and-white films and loaded them in his Canon AT1 to savour every memory and detail. Read this Around the World in Analogue series.

The first impression I had of Seoul was to think of it as a place full of mystery, capable of bringing inner experiences that would last long. In this trip, I was in the search for the invisible, for the personal things that hardly communicate something to someone, but somehow connects deeply to ourselves. That is, building memories through people that I met and never saw again, following locals in their daily lives, trying to reach places that seemed to be non-touristic and just trying to get the essence of the things that were familiar to me. I truly believe that sometimes photography is just an excuse to immerse yourself into adventure and knowledge, and for that, I'd recommend anyone to bring a camera while traveling.

What made me go to Seoul was my particular interest in Korean contemporary art and its artists such as Kimsooja, Nam June Paik, Noh Suntag and many more. I wanted to visit museums to see their work exhibited and/or screened. Besides that, I was also interested in the urban landscapes of Seoul. Lastly, I had the chance to study abroad at Korea University by being sponsored, so I took the chance and went overseas to get to know Korea.

Some of my favorite photography spots were the ones where tourists hardly go. By walking and isolating myself from the crowd, I discovered many interesting places. Just look at the metro map and randomly pick a station to hop off, then explore areas surrounding the station and you'll find yourself in exotic locations. Anyways, I'll mention coming cool places: Gireum exit 9, 2 blocks on the left by Eujiro 4 (sa)-ga and Yongmasan.

My favorite places to eat: any place that sells dumplings are going to be awesome. Anam has several restaurants and food joints too.

Try to make Korean friends, they'll take you to places where natives hang out. Visit as many museums as you can. In order to experience an immersive cultural experience, try not to go to Itaewon or Gangnam, instead try to go as further as possible away from the city, where the landscapes are unique. Always be nice, polite and friendly towards Koreans, by doing this you might be able to take portraits and make friends.

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written by cielsan on 2019-06-14 #culture #places

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