Tales from Taiwan with Community Member @aboa and the LC-A+


Photographs mean different things for different people. While others shoot away trying to create out-of-this-world multiple exposures, Community Member @aboa give us a slice of daily life with his trusted Lomo LC-A+. His photos remind us how the analogue life looks like in simple but memorable vignettes.

Credits: aboa

These photos taken by @aboa are both inviting and charming. The colors are warm, vivid, and vibrant — same with the scenes he was able to capture. They make us want to go out and shoot more. Who knew that something as simple as the scent of film fresh out of the canister could trigger a wave of emotions and memories?

Credits: aboa

All of these shots were taken by @aboa around Taiwan with the Lomo LC-A+. These photographs are close to the heart and that's enough reason to keep on shooting.

"I like to observe the interaction between people and the environment, to shoot people on the road, the scenery in the city, or to capture them all into the photo."

This natural interest of the world around him can be clearly seen in his candid shots which shows the extraordinary within the mundane.

Credits: aboa

Take a page out of @aboa's book and capture scenes of daily life with the Lomo LC-A+. Get the signature 35 mm Lomographic look with shadowy vignettes, eye-popping colors, and saturation. Make memories last and live the analogue life with the Lomo LC-A+. Head over to the Online Shop now or visit a Gallery Store near you!

written by cheeo on 2019-08-19 #culture #people #places #gallery #taiwan #aboa

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    Great shots! Thx! May I ask what film has been used and how you scan your images? Images look very charming!

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